Friday, November 17, 2006

Lana's Suggestion

I haven't posted a blog for some time and wasn't even sure if I should since my blog is entitled "Georgia To Maine", and that part of my life journey is over. But I received an email from my sister, Lana, who informed me I needed to either post a message that said I'm done with this blog and won't be adding to it anymore, or continue posting on the blog to update everyone on what's going on with my life as of now.

So I've decided I will essentially retire this blog and simultaneously create a new blog for me to keep everyone up to date on my whereabouts and happenings. I will link the new blog to this one so it will only be a mouse-click away from all who are interested.

But before I sign-0ff on this blog, I'm going to post some more pictures from the Appalachian Trail.

(new blog...coming soon)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Walking Through the Seasons: Spring

When Megan and I started our hike in early April we were immersed into shades of brown. Brown, leafless trees; dead brown leaves on the ground, and dirt. But as the days and weeks melted away, tiny wildflowers began to push through the dead leaves on the forest floor, flowering trees began to bloom and form leaf buds, and before we knew it, the dead brown forest was alive and colorful.

Walking Through the Seasons: Summer

Summer seemed to last forever. The spring flowers had disappeared, the trees were completely leafed out, and the humidity was nearly unbearable. Many days we walked in 100+ degree heat, and savagely fought off the swarming insects. The only color in the forest was that of tiny trailside mushrooms or huge fungus growths on fallen logs and other decaying matter. We found momentary relief in random water holes where we could take a quick dip before trudging onward. Summer is also the time when all of God's creepy crawlies venture out of their hidden homes. Every single summer day was a true test of stamina and mental fortitude. One word sums up my summer A.T. experience: Misery.

Walking Through the Seasons: Fall

We walked into Maine at the beginning of fall and enjoyed the reds of the maples, golds of the beeches and birches, and the consistent greens of the firs, spruces, and pines. Fall is a perfect time to hike, with the cool, crisp air during the day and cold nights that make for good sleeping.