Friday, November 17, 2006

Lana's Suggestion

I haven't posted a blog for some time and wasn't even sure if I should since my blog is entitled "Georgia To Maine", and that part of my life journey is over. But I received an email from my sister, Lana, who informed me I needed to either post a message that said I'm done with this blog and won't be adding to it anymore, or continue posting on the blog to update everyone on what's going on with my life as of now.

So I've decided I will essentially retire this blog and simultaneously create a new blog for me to keep everyone up to date on my whereabouts and happenings. I will link the new blog to this one so it will only be a mouse-click away from all who are interested.

But before I sign-0ff on this blog, I'm going to post some more pictures from the Appalachian Trail.

(new blog...coming soon)


Danielle Robison said...

HEY MS GOTTSCHALK!!! How have you been?? We have really missed you. How was the trail? You have really inspired me to go after my dreams like you went after yours. Now all I have to do is see if I can reach my goals and dreams. Plus, I am about to turn 16 in December! Let me know when your new blog is coming!! Luv, Danielle Robison

Anonymous said...

wheres the new blog?

Kaleb said...

so i have a ? for you. are you still at fries and in carolina or where are you at.

Anonymous said...

forgot to tell you to have a merry christmas wherever you are. Its still really hot. uggh. im really hoping for some snow. but anyways