Thursday, November 16, 2006

Walking Through the Seasons: Fall

We walked into Maine at the beginning of fall and enjoyed the reds of the maples, golds of the beeches and birches, and the consistent greens of the firs, spruces, and pines. Fall is a perfect time to hike, with the cool, crisp air during the day and cold nights that make for good sleeping.


lana said...

the picture of the lake reflection actually took my breath away - in a picture! I can't imagine what it must have been like to stand there.

You've had so many incredible memories from this trip.

Jaime said...

These have got to be my favorite. I love the mountain reflection. i will have to save that one to my computer. and all the colors in one picture...absolutely gorgeous. And by the way Les, Lana was right about following up with the blog. I checked now and then to see how you were doing but you never posted. Thanks Lana for getting on her about that. Jaime

Megan said...

Fall wins! How gorgeous!